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Too busy.
03 May 2011.

Hello. As you know, I'm always busy with stuffs in the real world. Such like school, going home late due to hanging out with friends. Oh yes, I have a life. So, I may need a volunteer who can really type and is a good writer. I need someone who can help me manage my blog for me when I'm not around. So apply here, or find me in Japanese Park 1. I'm always there. If I'm not, leave a message at my board in my room. Oh and I may or may not create a fan page FOR THIS BLOG. I'll have to see what I can do in the meantime. Until then, I'll get you guys updated. ♥

Pretty and pretty.
25 April 2011.

Ever wondered what it is like to live in a room filled with cute little teddy bears? Rabbit balloons at your doorstep. A standby blue chariot waiting for your arrival to the ball. And little cute cupcakes that can melt your mouth. Well in ×❥•bŁonĐy™❤×'s room, she has all of these! I like how everything is floating around and such. It's like, you're in a fascinating dream that you never want to wake up from. And oh, the owner for this room! She's so.. okay, sorry Alice. But she is soo adorable! Sorry Alice, please don't be upset. Asdfsf! Anyways, I think she's in Hot30 #12. You should go check it out! She's very friendly and never bites. Just chew. I'm just kidding.

My apologizes.
20 April 2011.

It's because there was too many to handle. And you guys know I can't multi-task that well. But to some situation, many of you still can't accept the fact that I've quitted. Well, good news. I'll come back to Pico SO no more frowns or long faces. I love you guys, but school and stuffs are really tedious. But I'll try to balance my time here and there. Sorry again, and I love you all! ♥